Get Found And Drive Web Traffic

People are searching online for a business like yours every day. PRWeb can get you found - fast. Get more online visibility, drive traffic to your website and attract new customers.

Search Engine Results Pages (SERPS)

Search Results

PRWeb will help to put your news at the top of the biggest search engines – like Google, Yahoo and Bing.  We’ll help you get found quickly and easily on searches for you or your industry, with our search optimised releases.

Online News Distribution Network

Online Distribution Network

PRWeb will help distribute your news releases to more than 250,000 subscribers and 30,000 bloggers and journalists. With PRWeb, your news could be picked up by all the major news sites around the world.  This, in turn, will help you attract more customers.

Image and Blended Search Results

Multimedia and Blended Search

PRWeb news releases are search engine friendly, and can include images, links and even videos.   PRWeb allows you to make your news more attractive to potential customers and will help earn you a higher place in search engine results.

Attract Prospects, Increase Leads, Generate Sales

PRWeb helps your business attract new customers across the entire web.

Reach Millions of Potential Customers

Attract Prospects Locally and Globally

The Internet is vast, and millions of people every day are searching online for your products and services.  PRWeb will help improve your prominence across the entire Web, and put you right in front of tonnes of potential customers.

Search Engine Reputation Management

Own The Search Results

Beat your competitors to the punch. With PRWeb, each release you create will help move you towards the top of the search engine page.  Each release works for you, and helps you to get found first.

Grow Leads and Business

Profit And Grow Your Business

PRWeb users are getting noticed more often and are thriving.   Have a look at some of our users' success stories, and see how PRWeb helped them get more leads and more business.

Get The Publicity You Deserve

Publicity is simple with PRWeb. Our distribution network sends your news to thousands of journalists and bloggers, and hundreds of newspapers including the The Times, The Guardian and The Telegraph.

Send Your News to the Media

Get Noticed By The Media

PRWeb will help your story reach the right people. Your news will be sent to 30,000 journalists and bloggers, and major news sites including The Times, The Guardian and The Telegraph.

Coverage on Google, Yahoo! and Bing

Get Covered Without Pitching

Journalists research their stories online – and if your company is at the top of their search results, they’re more likely to talk to you.  PRWeb’s SEO friendly release service gets you there.

Viral Marketing Through Social-Friendly Press Releases

Viral Marketing Made Easy

PRWeb has more than 250,000 subscribers – not to mention all the people you reach through search engines and news sites.  And PRWeb is ready to be forwarded, shared, tweeted, and linked to so your news can go viral in the blink of an eye.

Affordable Online Marketing

Sending your news through PRWeb is an affordable online marketing tool to help you attract customers and grow sales.

Affordable Online Marketing

Make The Most of Your Money

One £80 news release will stay online forever – literally, forever.  Each release will work for you and your SEO years after you’ve created it.   No other marketing tool can match our ability to reach millions of prospects for such an affordable, one-time price.

Press Release Pricing

One Flat Cost

With PRWeb, your budget for pay-per-click fees will be all of £0.  Your payment for a PRWeb release is a one-time expense, no matter how many people click on the link to your website.

Value Press Release

Remarkable Value

PRWeb gives you the eye of a professional editor and will help to place you on major news sites for the flat fee of £80.  Is there another service that does this? No – but you can keep looking if you’re not sold yet.

Do It Yourself Press Releases

PRWeb makes it easy to create and distribute interactive, web-optimised news releases.

Press Release Instructions

Simple Steps

If your business has something to say, PRWeb will help you say it.  PRWeb will guide you through the process of creating and distributing a news release in minutes.  It’s easy, even if you’ve never written a news or press release before.

News Release Ideas

Get Ideas From Peers In Your Industry

See what companies in your industry are doing with their news releases, and learn from it.  We have a host of real-life news release examples at your disposal – take a free look at them any time for ideas and guidance.

PRWeb Support

Support Is One Click Away

PRWeb has a support team of editors that will walk you through every stage of your release, if need be.  They are at your disposal, and are there at all times to make sure your news turns out right.

Measure Results

Measure the impact of your news releases with PRWeb analytics and reporting.

News Release Reach

Monitor The Reach Of Your News

The effectiveness of traditional advertising and PR has always been hard to track.  PRWeb’s advanced reporting and SEO statistics make it easy – you’ll see the reach of your news, in near-real time.

Track Press Releases

Track and Analyze Your Results

All the data you need to measure your reach is right at your fingertips. See how often your headline is viewed, your release is read, and the location of your readers.  We’ll even show you the search keywords that brought readers to your news.

Grown Website Traffic

Watch Your Traffic Grow

PRWeb’s search engine friendly releases will help to improve your search rankings and overall online visibility.  Check out just a few of our success stories.