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Master of Malt

Master of Malt has a proud heritage of over 25 years in whisky retail. Offering one of the most expansive ranges of fine and rare single malt scotch whiskies to be found anywhere in the world.

Fighting your way to the top of search engines and reaching a wider audience are two of the many challenges being faced by online retailers in today’s digitally driven world. Master of Malt required a solution that enabled quick and easy press release creation and distribution, reaching the target market and ensuring they were not lost in a sea of other communications.

Master of Malt invested in PRWeb after it was recommended to them by another company. “Pricing was very competitive, especially given that we could purchase in bundles, so it definitely made financial sense”, said Rhyan Thwaites, Marketing Executive.

Increased traffic and online exposure

"We can reach the right people and achieve wide-spread coverage thanks to PRWeb," explained Rhyan. "We insert UTM tracking codes within all our links so we can measure the clicks that have come as a result of the press release. We definitely see an increase in traffic to the website from all our press releases as well as increased brand awareness and online exposure."

PRWeb also contributes to organic visibility through their SEO (search engine optimisation) capabilities.  "PRWeb help us optimise our press releases to increase visibility on search engines and boost site traffic." Rhyan confirmed.

Another advantage for Rhyan is that PRWeb help enormously when building and formatting a press release. "The tool is very intuitive and user-friendly; I can create a news release with ease thanks to a number of available features, which saves me valuable time. The anchor link feature is great and means we have complete control over what content we include and redirect to. There is an editorial guide which flags the good and bad sections of the release and we can now make use of the advanced interactive features offered. This all contributes to ensuring each release is fully optimised and will have maximum impact."


A success story for Master of Malt was when they distributed a press release on their Naga Chilli Vodka – a spirit that came with a safety warning. Ryan took advantage of PRWeb’s multimedia features by embedding a video that showed TV Presenter Phillip Schofield reacting badly after trying a shot of the vodka.

Master of Malt Increases Online Visibility
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The release was instantly visible online in Google and Yahoo! News and received excellent coverage and reach. The story was also picked up by the Daily Mail, the Metro and the Huffington Post, generating buzz and new business for Master of Malt.

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