Proven Online Visibility


PRWeb lets us offer an online PR solution to clients without excessive extra costs. It helps us win clients who were perhaps unsure about online PR.

Instant but lasting results

Instant but lasting online visibility combined with affordability made PRWeb the news release of choice for internet marketing company Click Through.

Alistair Harris, Head of Content at ClickThrough Marketing, says using PRWeb was a no-brainer. Alistair is a double award-winning, fully-qualified senior journalist with more than a decade’s experience in traditional press and PR. He created ClickThrough’s Online PR service and is a huge proponent of PRWeb.

 “The company had signed up to Vocus long before I joined,” Alistair explained. “That allowed them to distribute press releases as part of an online visibility strategy: but it formed a small part of our offering.”

“I was very curious about what we could feasibly achieve with PRWeb and tested the system with a range of client releases in various industry sectors. The Analytics dashboard showed at least 10,000 impressions for each release: an impressive figure, especially when coupled with anything up to 1,000 full page reads and several hundred new visitors to a client’s site.”

A springboard for growth

Thanks to its success with PRWeb distribution, ClickThrough has quickly grown its content team.

In the past six months, ClickThrough has hired two more fully-qualified journalists full-time; meaning the company now has four high-quality content writers working in-house for clients. Content is now its own department, alongside established SEO, PPC and web development teams.

“Constant experimentation has vastly improved the way we produce online press releases,” Alistair explained. “We always write to newspaper best practice (thanks to my pedantry and our qualified staff), but with online distribution, it’s important to add in targeting elements. We always add synonymous keyword associations too.”

“As a result, we've found our press releases are always picked up by Yahoo! News, and other trusted news sites. We usually gain instant News search and clients are always impressed with such tangible, immediate results.”

A proven visibility strategy

As a search marketing agency, ClickThrough traditionally focussed on SEO and PPC services. Adding a standalone online PR offering seemed a natural progression, but it required proven branding benefits for clients.

“Alongside our SEO services, some clients began to ask about how they could use online PR, and we were able to suggest a press release strategy tied to their keywords. Some clients chose to use online PR as a standalone service – but we were still able to deliver marketing results,” Alistair explained.

Because of the clear, down-the-line benefits for clients, ClickThrough has made PRWeb central to its online PR offering.

“We often find our larger clients have big, established in-house press teams who look after relationship-building and traditional press coverage: but aren’t as savvy when it comes to online syndication, traffic generation or keyword selection,” Alistair said.

“PRWeb allows us to offer an online PR solution to these clients, without creating excessive extra costs. This has allowed us to win clients who were perhaps unsure about online PR. As an SEO and PPC agency, we’ve gone from a standing start: but have already added ten new PR-only contracts in the past six months alone.”

“Clients really like the data we can provide from PRWeb’s analytics dashboard, too. For our online PR customers, I am able to carry out testing and reporting on my own, so I can immediately show success after a distribution before doing a more in-depth report.

“In traditional PR, it was often difficult to get non-PR staff to realise the value of this kind of marketing. The ability to immediately flag pick-up, interactions and impressions means our clients are left with no doubt about the value or effectiveness of online PR.”