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Thousands of people are growing their business and generating buzz through PRWeb. We’re highlighting some of the best so you can see what they did, and how easy it is for you to do the same.

Additional Case Studies

Read more about our great customers and their great publicity campaigns.

Furnace MFG

Furnace MFG heats up its PR more.gif

"The first thing a prospective client does is 'Google' your company name. If nothing shows up, you simply aren't a credible source. . . ."
See how PRWeb helped audio specialist Furnace MFG achieve top billing, fast.

Insider Perks

Insider Perks Creates a New Way to Plan a Trip more.gif

"If you type in ‘DC travel videos’, we’re in a top spot in Google.”
Find out how this travel site got top rankings with PRWeb. . .

Kitchen Tune-Up

Kitchen Tune-Up builds buzz and relationships with PRWeb more.gif

“If we can show consumers and news outlets our work more visually and interactively, we may be onto something.”
PRWeb's video capabilities allow Kitchen Tune-Up to interact visually and socially with potential customers.


Malibu Boats Makes a big splash. more.gif

“As a result of our campaign, we have been featured on just about every automotive related blog, as well as classic and performance car sites. We also generated coverage in some of the biggest industry magazines. . . "
See what Malibu did to get such great press.

Menus That Talk

Menus That Talk gets tongues wagging. more.gif

"Other companies should definitely use PRWeb. It got us in the media within one day."
Menus That Talk went from a great product with no press to a great product with national press in an instant.


MusikPitch Sing its Tune more.gif

"The analytics are amazing: you can see exactly what site traffic your release led to, and whether it led to any conversions."
See how PRWeb helped MusikPitch increase website traffic.

Perfect Date

The Perfect Date falls in love with PRWeb more.gif

"PRWeb helps us reach the blogging community and other online sources that impact search engine optimization, which drives traffic to our projects."
Event planning and marketing firm The Perfect Date used PRWeb to support a charitable cause.

Pillar Consulting

Pillar Consulting builds new buzz and business more.gif

"With a single news release we were able to catch the attention of a prospect who later hired us to build a web 2.0 application."
This agency won $20,000 of new business after including PRWeb in its SEO strategy.

TopRank Online Marketing

TopRank Online Marketing ranks PRWeb highly more.gif

"PRWeb continues to innovate and provide excellent service at competitive rates, which means we'll continue as an enthusiastic advocate and customer for years to come.”
PR Web’s SEO features help TopRank Online Marketing impress its clients with instant online visibility in Google and Yahoo! News.


Vedante Makes A Fashion Statement more.gif

“PRWeb has been a core part of my success.”
See how PRWeb helped this retailer succeed in a down economy.

yellowwedge cheese

Award-winning yellowwedge cheese achieves media stardom more.gif

"The power of PRWeb is really quite amazing. And we've achieved all this at a very affordable cost. It's as if we had our very own PR department!"self. A single PRWeb release made national headlines for this award-winning delicatessen.

Auction Cause

Auction Cause gets a frenzy of attention more.gif

"We get traffic days, weeks, months or even years later."
This charity auction house gets national attention.


See how ClickThrough earned instant but lasting results with PRWeb more.gif

"PRWeb helps us win clients who were perhaps unsure about online PR."
Read how they used PRWeb as a Springboard for growth.

Conversion Pipeline

Conversion Pipeline increases its online visibility with PRWeb. more.gif

"PRWeb's news release distribution adds measurable and reportable value."
This strategic marketing agency increased its Web hits with a new marketing campaign incorporating PRWeb.

L&L Automotive

L&L Automotive sees a flurry of web traffic from PRWeb more.gif

Using search optimised news releases, L&L Automotive was able to increase traffic to their site and encourage new business enquires.
See how they create noise and buzz around their brand.

Master of Malt

Master of Malt finds User-Friendly Online Exposure through PRWeb more.gif

"The tool is very intuitive and user-friendly; I can create a news release with ease..."
Read how they increased online exposure and web traffic with PRWeb.

Pizza Fusion

Pizza Fusion grabs a bigger slice of media coverage with PRWeb's SEO tools more.gif

"The PRWeb solution for Web visibility allows me to effectively communicate with media and consumers across multiple channels.”
One unique pizza restaurant went extra-large on media coverage, despite a tight budget.

Summit Self Defense

Summit Self Defense gets a longer reach more.gif

"Sometimes it takes up to 25 impressions to influence someone to make a buying decision – and PRWeb enables me to make those impressions online, in social media and in the press."
This regional security specialist got international leads by promoting his expertise through PRWeb.

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