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Sample Property and Real Estate News Releases

See how other real estate agents are using PRWeb as their premier real estate news distribution service to showcase properties and attract potential buyers.

When buyers are looking for new homes, they search the Web first. Whether you are buying, selling or leasing, PRWeb can help you reach local homeowners as well as those relocating to the UK. You can even include images and videos in your release to give potential buyers a real feel for the property.

News Release Ideas

  • Showcase new homes
  • Highlight a recent sale
  • Announce new building projects or construction
  • Publicise new rental listings
  • Highlight compelling industry trends

You'll Go Far With PRWeb

 PRWeb distributes your news:

  • Major online news sites such as Yahoo, Google and Bing - for improved organic search results
  • News sites like Fox News Network, Factiva and CNN
  • Industry-specific sites such as Capterra, Amazon, and JustGoodCars
  • National outlets like the Associated Press and its affiliates including USA Today, the NY Times and more
  • The News feeds of more than 250,000 RSS subscribers

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