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Small Business News Releases

Sample Local Business News Releases

See how other businesses are using PRWeb news releases for online company promotions and to attract local customers.

Your local customers are searching the Web to find local businesses. PRWeb can make sure they won't need to look hard to find you, by helping you get your name at the top of search engines. It's simple.  You send a news release about your business - perhaps highlighting a new sale or a charity event.  PRWeb sends your news to search engines and news sites -- global and local -- to attract the attention and potential customers your business deserves. Best of all, you can link back to your web site to drive more sales. All at a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising.

News Release Ideas

  • Shocase a milesotone or anniversary
  • Announce a promotion
  • Announce a new product line or service
  • Promote an in-store event
  • Spotlight a local sponsorship