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Arts and Entertainment Press Release Examples

Sample Arts and Entertainment News Releases

 See how other producers and entertainers use PRWeb as part of their publicity campaign strategy - reaching millions of potential fans through PRWeb's premier arts and entertainment news center.

Stars and Sons Press Release

New Album Launch

Actors, artists, musicians, and venues use PRWeb to attract the attention of potential fans and the paparazzi, by announcing new shows, showcasing albums, detailing their latest roles and listing upcoming speaking engagements.  Just one release can generate amazing coverage and should be part of every publicity strategy. Best of all, you can even include images and video to help your fans feel like they are getting the "inside scoop."

News Release Ideas

  • Promote a new album
  • Announce upcoming dates and schedule
  • Showcase a great review
  • Introduce new talent
  • Draw attention to a premiere

The coverage we got was nothing short of incredible. I think getting onto Forbes was my favorite.

Scott McIntosh, CEO, MusikPitch