Additional Services

Once your have chosen the best press release package for your business, you can upgrade your release or get additional support.

Get Your News Out Fast

Priority News Release Distribution

  • In a rush? Your news will be distributed within one hour of receipt pending editorial approval. Service available between 4 AM (PST) and 6 PM (PST).
  • £55 per distribution.

Get Help From Our Experts

Editing / Revision Services

  • Need a second opinion? We'll review your news release to make sure that you are telling the best possible story. Two business day turnaround required.
  • £70 per editorial review.

Release Writing

  • Our editors will help you write your release so you can drive more business to your door. (Two business day turnaround required.)
  • £185 per release

Search Engine Optimisation

  • We will help you write the release so it attracts the attention of customers, prospects, the media and search engines. That means including keywords in your release that will help you show up in the right searches and get your news higher up in the search results. (Two business day turnaround required.)
  • £100 per SEO service.

Extend Your Reach

Additional Media Digests

  • Media Digests allow you to target the distribution of your news to hundreds of top newspaper and broadcast outlets across the country. Each distribution package contains a specific number of digests - but you can add others to expand your reach!
  • Select regional digests to target publications in Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, England
  • Or, select from our specialty media digests such as business, travel & hospitality, information technology, and health and medical.
  • £30 each

Add Any Of These Services To Your Release

If press releases have any potency now, it comes from showing up in Web searches and, hopefully in the process, raising a company’s profile online. Thanks to online distributors like PRWeb, your release can become virtually ubiquitous on the Web.

Drew Kerr, BNET

In the 10+ years it has been around, PRWeb has proven itself to be a very effective way to increase online visibility. Now, the process itself has gotten easier and more user friendly, and new features reportedly will be added in the months ahead.

Don Beehler, ABC&D Communications