Financial Press Release Guidelines

Financial releases distributed by PRWeb must adhere to the following:

Content origin: Your company must be the original "source" of the press release content.

Company Name: Information entered in the company name section must match the source of the information listed in the headline or summary, especially with regard to spelling and proper casing of the company name.

Stock Symbol/Exchange: Written ticker authorization is required from the domain(s) of the ticker symbol(s) listed in the release.

Headline: Must contain a clear news announcement; should include the full company name. Acronyms and stock symbols as references are not recommended.

Dateline: Must have the city from where the release originates, usually the location of the company’s headquarters.

Website in the iframe: The URL in the iframe beneath the release should be the company’s primary website.

Contact Information: Must have a viable phone number which will be answered by a company representative who can answer potential questions from the media; should have the name of a person (minimally an organization identifier) who will take the call.

Proper Attribution: A statement or announcement must be clearly attributed to an authorized company spokesperson.

Third Party Attribution: Legal references must contain citation to a case or complaint number, as well as the court of record. In addition, legal references must explicitly provide attribution to court documents.

Links: The links inside the press release and in the iframe must be active.

Content changes made prior to publication: Any changes you make to your press release after it has been published will only be reflected on the PRWeb site. In addition, if you cancel your release after it has been published, it will only render the link to the PRWeb release inactive, not pull it down from all distribution points.

PRWeb does not accept:

  • Press releases from other agencies or resellers
  • Press releases about pending litigation or class action lawsuits
  • Investment opinion press releases
  • Third-party reporting: companies cannot report another company's news. Joint announcements concerning joint ventures, mergers, etc. are not considered third-party reporting.
  • Ticker Spamming: non-relevant stock symbols for companies not in any way involved with the content of the release must be removed
  • Commentary: industry commentary should not be the main focus of the release. Commentary in the form of a response by a company official is acceptable when it is directly attributed to a specific person and is relevant to a company's business.
  • Press release from known fax or e-mail "spammers"

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