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Your news and its impact are no longer measured in clippings.  Today, the value of news is measured in shares, reads, traffic, impressions, and engagement. This, as you well know, is difficult to measure – but PRWeb can help.  We’ll provide the tools you need to gauge the effectiveness of your news. 

News Reads

See the number of times your release is read on any single day.  See what’s working, what’s grabbing attention, and correlate it back to your website visits.

Release Impressions

See how many headline impressions your release receives each day.  These impressions might include the amount of times your headline was displayed on the PRWeb site, or via Javascript and RSS feeds.


Follow the activity on your news release as soon as it’s published.  Find out who read the whole release, who just skimmed the headline and how many times your story was shared on social media platforms.

Media Outlet Deliveries

You’ll no longer have to guess which media outlets received your release.  PRWeb will help you track this information, making your follow-up with key reporters easier.

Keyword Traffic

Want to know the keywords that are generating interest for your business? PRWeb will help you identify them, so you can improve the influence of both your website and your future releases.

Search Engine Traffic

Use keyword referrals to find out what your prospects and the press like, where they are, and how they found out about you. 

How Do I Measure News Release Effectiveness?

Learn how to measure how news releases help you build your business.

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