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News Release Distribution

News Release Distribution

With PRWeb, the world's number one news release service, your releases have the amazing ability to reach journalists, bloggers, and potential customers all over the UK and around the world.  We’ll help to optimise your releases to get your news better search visibility.  Also, PRWeb will distribute your releases to the people that impact your bottom line – premium online outlets, journalists, influential Tweeters and bloggers.  We’ll help you generate publicity, achieve great search engine rankings, and drive potential buyers right to your business.

news picked up by major news outlets

Reach Press and Prospects on a Local, Regional and National Level

PRWeb will assist you in getting your news picked up by major news outlets and read by potential customers.  We’ll help your releases reach the essential people on all levels – local, regional, national, and even international.  There is a PRWeb pricing package that fits your exact needs – find the right one!

  • With PRWeb, you can choose the distribution option that fits your business. Compare packages now!
Optimise Your News For The Web

Optimise Your News For The Web

PRweb news releases are submitted to search engines and equipped with social media sharing icons to help your news spread across the social web. PRWeb is committed to staying current with search marketing best practices so your news can reach a wider audience.

Social Media Makes Your News Go Viral

Make Your News Go Viral Through Social Media Channels

PRWeb can help get your news onto to social networks, where customers share stories about the businesses they buy from. As the most socially-shared release service in the industry, PRWeb is your first stop for generating extra reach and going viral through social media.

Earn Publicity with your News

Gain More Publicity and Create Brand Awareness.

With PRWeb, press coverage is a cinch.  We’ll help you reach media outlets on local, national, and international levels and can also help you get noticed by trade and business press outlets. And, depending on the package you select, we can assist you in reaching leading publications and outlets like The Independent and the Press Association.  PRWeb can help build your brand and attract prospects while securing important third-party press coverage.

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