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Welcome to the new PRWeb Website – it’s packed with features to get your business the online attention you need.  We have a news release template designed to improve your presence online and a search-optimised Website that puts your news in front of influencers – fast.  Plus, we’re offering more free resources to give you advice and ideas that will help you participate in the online conversation. Our goal is to make your releases more visible, improve your search rankings, and ultimately get you more business.  So go ahead – have a look at our new site.  You can also visit our blog, to leave questions and comments.

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NEW! News Release Template

Our redesigned news release template is more visual, more interactive and was built to effectively perform online. We’ve created more room for multimedia content like images and video – assets that are proven to increase reader engagement. The new template is also full of features and is more action-oriented – this way, readers will be encouraged to share your news with others more.  And one last thing – it has all been built to load faster and perform better in search engines.  Create a release today.

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NEW! News Center

To provide you with industry-leading visibility, we have completely dedicated our news center to your news releases. The improved news center will make it easy for both readers and search engines to find your story. This will bring more visibility for all your releases and in turn, more traffic back to your website.


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NEW! Expert Resources

We want you to get the most out of PRWeb and achieve more publicity, visibility and leads.  To help you out, we built a huge learning center with tons of “how-to” articles, guides, videos and seminars. 


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NEW! Best Practice Case Studies

Check out our library of case studies featuring customers who've achieved amazing results --  you can learn how your peers are using PRWeb to enhance their presence online and get more business.

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Stay tuned.  Over the next few months, we will be making even more enhancements to PRWeb.  To find out more and keep track of what is coming down the road, visit and please feel free to leave a comment or a question! 

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