About the Partnership Programs 

PRWeb is the industry's leading online news distribution service. Since 1997, PRWeb has been changing the way businesses, marketing departments and public relations firms think about press releases. Since that time, PRWeb has helped more than 40,000 companies use their news to increase their online visibility and attract attention from customers, prospects and the media.

Whether you are looking for an easy way to earn commission revenue by promoting PRWeb on your site, or are interested in syndicating online releases from PRWeb, our Partner Program is for you.

Affiliate Partner Program

Increase your revenue by offering PRWeb on your website.

PRWeb is the leading online news release distribution service, helping businesses expand their online visibility through online news releases. If your website targets audiences from small business, marketing, search engine optimization or public relations and you want to earn more money, then our affiliate program is for you.

PRWeb offers affiliate partner programs through Commission Junction. You earn money by promoting PRWeb on your site, and we will reward you based on the new PRWeb sales that you refer. Commissions are paid out monthly. Success depends on you!

To learn more about these programs and apply, follow the below links.

Commission Junction

Distribution Partner Program

Improve your search authority by syndicating PRWeb online releases.

Every year, PRWeb customers send nearly 100,000 online news releases through our distribution network. This network of syndication partners includes premium content aggregators, news outlets and more. 

Our distribution partners enjoy a number of benefits. Most notably, they are able to deliver interesting, relevant content to their readers through PRWeb’s ability to tailor news feeds specific to our partner’s sites.  Our partners also benefit from an increase in dynamic, search crawlable pages and, as a result, realize a significant increase in traffic driven by search results for PRWeb online news content. 

With largest distribution network in the industry, we are always eager to expand our channel. Contact us to learn more about how you can become a PRWeb syndication partner and reap the benefits of distributing online news through your site.

Reseller Partner Program

Bring more value to your customers.

Your customers are coming to PRWeb every day to increase their online visibility, generate publicity and bring more business to their door. Instead of having them come directly to us, why not have them go through you – giving you the opportunity to provide more value to them and maintain a competitive edge.

The PRWeb Reseller Program is flexible and lucrative. Our partners can resell PRWeb via direct sales models, through e-commerce, or even white labeling.  Contact us today to learn more.

For program inquiries contact the PRWeb Partner Program.

Email us at partners@prweb.com